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Clear, understandable advice is essential if trustees are to effectively manage the liabilities in their scheme.  Your Scheme Actuary will guide you through the process of triennial actuarial valuations, negotiations with the sponsoring employer and communication of the results to members.


The day-to-day running of your scheme is arguably most important as this is the aspect that members see.  It therefore needs to be efficient, timely and personal.  Administrators need to be familiar with the particular features of your scheme rather than adopting a “one size fits all” approach.


Our consultants will help you navigate the maze of new regulations, guidance and codes in the pensions field.  They can also help with benefit changes, buyouts and corporate transactions involving pension schemes.

Small self-administered schemes (SSASs)

These are typically used by company owners as a tax-efficient yet flexible way of managing assets.  As well as building up a fund for retirement, a SSAS can be used to loan back assets to the employer or to borrow to facilitate the purchase of a commercial property.

Training and trusteeship

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To satisfy the legal requirement for trustee knowledge and understanding, we provide training for new and experienced trustees, either as stand-alone events or within trustee meetings. We can also use our experience of trustee boards to provide a “governance check” or recommendations of best practice.