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Novus Actuarial & Administration is a niche pensions consultancy based in Colchester, Essex and Preston, Lancs.  We specialise in the provision of actuarial and administration services to small and medium-sized pension schemes, typically that are closed to new members or legacy schemes resulting from previous takeovers or mergers.

The partners of Novus all have long experience of the major employee benefit consultancies.  They noticed that clients did not receive a good deal, either because of demotivated staff providing poor service or through high fees brought about by large overheads.  Novus was formed to take advantage of this opportunity.

Our services are based around a single fixed fee.  This fee covers all standard services, both actuarial and administration.  In our experience, the predictability of a fixed fee is attractive to companies where legacy issues need to be kept under control.

And because we are not so big that your business is no longer important to us, our staff will provide you with a dedicated service.  We will know who you are when you phone up.  We will know what’s going on in relation to your scheme.  We will provide coordinated advice.

In summary, we aim to do things differently, for the benefit of our clients.